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Media Monkey, Johnny Hornby has this week covered the increasing death rate of lesbians on television.

It is no surprise to us, but it seems the mainstream media might finally be waking up… With 35 lesbian characters on mainstream TV, and with 12 being killed off this year – you might be forgiven for thinking that being a lesbian is actually like a deadly disease.

The coverage by The Guardian is great news – it means we’re reaching the masses.  We’ve already hit 16% of our target and so are well on our way. But we need to do more. If you’ve already donated, please encourage your friends to do the same. If you haven’t donated yet – what is holding you back?!? Have you seen the cast??

As we come to the end of May, we are continuing our campaign – we’re determined to give you what you deserve. Good quality content, with real lesbian storylines and where death is not an option. After all, how many lesbians do you know who have died just because they’re gay?!

Stand up for our visibility, stand up for quality, stand up for fit women on our screens – no matter what your reason you know we’re better in it together!