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Guinevere Turner - Jude

Guinevere Turner - Jude

  • Go Fish
  • Preaching to the Perverted
  • American Psycho
Sarah Soetaert - Gemma

Sarah Soetaert - Gemma

  • Lars Von Trier’s Nymphomaniac
  • Small Hands in a Big War
Toby Sawyer - Kirby

Toby Sawyer - Kirby


  • Hollyoaks
  • Coronation Street
Helen Oakleigh - Belle

Helen Oakleigh - Belle

  • Friday Night
  • Woman Power
  • LGBT+ Performance Poet
Craig Robert Young - Tom

Craig Robert Young - Tom

  • Kiss Me, Kill Me
  • NCIS – Los Angeles
Rachel Shelley - Brooke

Rachel Shelley - Brooke

  • The L Word
  • Home Fires
  • Grantchester
Nimmy March - Jess

Nimmy March - Jess

  • Emerald City
  • Emmerdale
  • Death in Paradise
Jake Graf - Claude

Jake Graf - Claude

  • Brace
  • Chance
  • Dusk
Tuyen Do - Cam

Tuyen Do - Cam

  • 24: Live Another Day
  • My So Called Life Sentence
  • The One’s Below
Caroline Whitney Smith - Nicola

Caroline Whitney Smith - Nicola

  • Her Story
  • Revenge
Charlie Hardwick - Maude

Charlie Hardwick - Maude

  • Emmerdale
  • Billy Elliot
  • Cold Calling
Victoria Broom - Fran

Victoria Broom - Fran

  • The Herd
  • Deranged
  • Space Beers
Sophie Ottley - Dasha

Sophie Ottley - Dasha

  • Stud Life
  • OutBox
  • Rear View
Topher Campbell - Claude

Topher Campbell - Claude

  • rukus!
  • The Red Room

The Background


Hi! I’m Jacquie Lawrence and I am the author of the novel, Different For Girls which has sold over 11,000 copies since it was realised as an e-book in 2014 and then as a paperback in 2015.  

DIFFERENT FOR GIRLS originated as an idea around a group of women and men whose lives and loves were different. It was a project that put on hold, whilst I looked after my two pre-school age daughters.

When my youngest started nursery, I took the original concept of these lesbian and bisexual women and gay men whose love lives were entangled and thought about how they would be living their lives ten years later.

During this ten-year hiatus, changes in family law, fertility treatment and gay marriage has given these women more complex narratives.

Scenarios around children, marriage, betrayal and even divorce have replaced the usual coming out and first crush stories that make up much of LGBT drama.

That is not to say that there isn’t room for drink, drugs, sex and dancing. There is. Just not in front of their partners and children.

Set in Chiswick, the lesbian and bisexual women are the real lesbian housewives of west London! 

The Production

Campbell X (Director)

Campbell is an award-winning filmmaker who wrote and directed the queer urban romcom feature film Stud Life (2012).  It was awarded the Screen Nations Independent Spirit Award (2013) and the Best Black LGBT film in the Hotter Than July Film Festival (2013). In 2015 Campbell was listed as one of the top 100 influential LGBTQI individuals in the UK in the Independent on Sunday Rainbow List.

Fizz Milton (Producer)

Fizz is a senior television executive, having worked freelance for Channel 4, ITV and in-house at the BBC, where she managed the commissioning and production of factual, entertainment, and drama output.

Oona Menges (Cinematographer)

Oona has over 20 years in the film industry, working the full range of the camera department, on both feature films and shorts including: Dirty, Pretty Things, Social Suicide and Looking for Albert.

Jane Czyzselska – Associate Producer – The award-winning former editor of DIVA magazine. Jane is passionate about lesbian, bisexual and transgender visibility.

Television has been found guilty
of murder in the first degree.gravestone-A-smaller copy

But it’s never been charged. 

The victims have one thing in common. 

They are all lesbians.  Television is literally getting away with murder! 

DIFFERENT FOR GIRLS is here to save the fate of fictional lesbians.

DIFFERENT FOR GIRLS is a web drama series but you can rest assured that no lesbian will be killed or harmed during it’s making. Not unless one of them dies from too much love, lust and laughter. 

DIFFERENT FOR GIRLS is a web drama series featuring a group of lesbian, bisexual women and gay men whose lives and loves revolve around children, marriage, betrayal and divorce. That is not to say that there isn’t room for drink, drugs, sex and dancing. There is. Just not in front of their partners and children. Set in Chiswick, the women are the real lesbian housewives of West London!

Why the web?


Because it will be seen

British mainstream broadcasters have very few slots for drama. A lesbian-led drama makes an appearance, on average, every five years or so. We bask in the reflected glory of The L Word, Lip Service, Sugar Rush and Sarah Waters’ adaptations. But the most recent, the seminal Lip Service, was last seen on our screens in 2012.

Because it is immediate

The development/production process isn’t as long or as tortured as mainstream broadcasting, which can take an average of 4 years from commission to transmission. We are reducing that process to under a year.

Because it gives us the freedom to cast who we want

We cast from the most talented lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender actresses and actors internationally. Usually lesbians have been played by straight women and whilst there have been some brilliant performances, we are redressing this imbalance.

Because we can be diverse in cast and crew

We employ cast and crew from a diverse range of talented people from the BAME, LGBT community and straight allies.

Because it is our home

The web is where LGBT drama for LGBT audiences is thriving. We turn to the web to find drama that speaks to our experiences – lesbian audiences are especially loyal and seek out their stories, especially when these stories feature their favourite lesbian and bisexual icons.


With huge thanks to those who helped make series one possible through your generous donations.

We have made series one of DIFFERENT FOR GIRLS with a lot of good will and favour and now we want to raise some funding to make series two!

We believe in the future of DIFFERENT FOR GIRLS and want you to too.

The cast gave their time, enthusiasm and excellence for less than they would get for television or film. Because they believe in it.
The crew gave their time, energy and skills for less than they would get for television or film. Because they believe in it.
People let us use locations for free. Because they believe in it.
People let us use their clothes as costumes. Heck, the Executive Producer is donating her wedding dress for one scene. Because they (and she) believe in it.

With your help we can make a difference; we can make DIFFERENT FOR GIRLS series two!
You can support us here:

Different for Girls